Study Skills Academy

what we do

We work with students to equip them with the skills and strategies to feel in control of their studies and to help develop their confidence as independent and proactive learners. We also work closely with parents and teachers to help them best support and develop effective learning behaviours in students. 

We teach students how to organise and plan their time, prioritise and manage their workload and keep deadlines. Crucially we also teach students how to learn!  As psychologists and educators, we focus on helping students to develop their metacognitive practices, so that they can set themselves clear learning goals, think critically about which learning strategies to use, monitor their own progress, reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of their chosen learning strategy and make any necessary changes. 

By having a range of learning and revision strategies in their study toolbox, and more importantly, knowing when and how to use them, we know that students feel more in control of their learning and as a result feel less stressed and anxious by their school experience.


who we are

Lucinda Powell

Lucinda qualified as a teacher in 2002 and taught psychology until 2017.  She has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology and an MA in Special and Inclusive Education.  Since September 2017 she has been working as a Education Consultant in mental health and wellbeing.  As well as presenting at numerous conferences and running staff training in schools,  she works closely with the AnDY Clinic at Reading University, as a coach on the School Mental Health Award at the Carnegie School of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, Pixel Learning and leads the Oxfordshire Schools mental health and wellbeing network.  As a mother of 3 boys, the eldest (15) of whom has ADHD & ASC and youngest (11) of whom is severely dyslexic, she has plenty of personal experience of supporting young people through their school career.


Joanne Lindholm

Jo holds a BSc (Hons) and a MSc in Psychology. She is an experienced Secondary School Teacher, having taught in the UK and Australia for the last 12 years. Jo has a deep understanding of the issues surrounding teaching, learning and wellbeing in schools, having taught in comprehensives and grammars, in both the independent and state sector, and across co-educational and single-sex schools. Jo has also worked extensively as a private tutor, tutoring students aged 6 - 18 in the UK, Switzerland and the U.S and currently works as a Psychology Tutor across Oxfordshire. In addition to this Jo works as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, delivering the Youth Mental Health First Aid course to teachers to allow them to better respond to the increasing mental health challenges faced by young people in schools. Jo also works as a Mental Health and Wellbeing consultant, leading workshops in school for both teachers and students, encouraging the importance of talking about mental health and ill-health. 


what we believe


Empowering young people by teaching them the  skills to make the most of life’s opportunities.



Our Students

Our core aim is to provide young people with skills that, in the short term, will enable them to reach their full potential in the classroom but that they can take through life and will allow them to make the most of every opportunity.  We do this through supporting their learning in and out of the classroom through evidence based study skills, by challenging their assumptions about education and learning and by giving them practical skills that they can take beyond their academic career.

Our Clients 

We will ensure that the education and tools that we give our students are good value for money and meet the needs of the learners.  We will ensure that these skills can be embedded at school and at home and meet the realities of life.  We aim to enhance what is taught in school or college by offering bespoke workshops that compliment what is already there, but by also supporting and educating the whole community: students, teachers and parents.

Our Impact

We want our work to have a meaningful impact on those we educate.  By ensuring that our content is engaging and contemporary we know we can make students feel more confident in their approach to exams and lifelong learning.  

Our Foundations

We are founded on passion and believe strongly in our mission.  As teachers, psychologists and mothers we aim to offer the expertise that these elements bring in helping others to make the most of life.  We feel the importance of building relationships with young people, adults and communities that we work with is key to success.

Our Future

We would like to be in a position where our expertise is recognised as valuable and that we are recommended by current clients to others.  We recognise the need to evolve as the needs of our clients change and that to do this we must listen careful to feedback.  We aim to establish a financially viable business over the next year that allows us to balance our passion for supporting learners with the needs of our families.  We envisage a future where we work collaboratively and respectfully with each other, colleagues and clients.



Integrity - to live our lives in a way that we ask others to

Honesty - to be able to recognise and accept our own failings and strengths

Gratitude - to be grateful for what we have and that we have the capacity to work towards the things we do not have.

Empathy - to understand the world from the perspective of others

Openness - to be open to the opportunities that life affords us and make the most of them