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Nurturing a Growth mindset in your child

Children with a growth mindset put in more effort, choose more challenging tasks, persevere for longer on difficult problems, seek more feedback and see mistakes as learning opportunities. Nurture a Growth Mindset in your child and watch them flourish. 

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Want to know why you need to start preparing for Summer exams NOW? 

Here are several good reasons, all based on sound psychological theory/research.

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Sleep and the teenage Brain

How much sleep should your teenager be getting?

Why is sleep important?

Is it better to pull an all-nighter before an exam or go to bed early?

This video explains it all.

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Memory and Exams

 Want to know about how memory works?  How to get information to stick in preparation for your exams?  Here's a video with some ideas to help, but if you really want to know how to make it work sign up for our Memory Master Class.