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Nurturing a Growth Mindset in your Child

Children with a growth mindset put in more effort, choose more challenging tasks, persevere for longer on difficult problems, seek more feedback and see mistakes as learning opportunities. These learning behaviours are the key to successful learning. Therefore, nurturing your child to have a growth mindset  is incredibly important and can impact their whole approach to their learning. In this workshop, we will teach you about what it means to have a growth or fixed mindset and offer you practical advice on things you can do to encourage a growth mindset in your child. Nurture a Growth Mindset in your child & watch them flourish. This course is relevant to parents of both primary and secondary school age.


Anxiety and Exams

Everyone gets anxious before exams.  This parent workshop looks at the biological mechanisms behind anxiety and why it can become problematic for some.  We discuss how we can harness and manage our natural stress response to improve performance and reduce the anxiety before and during exams.  We give you practical tips for helping your child(ren) manage the stress of exam season and help support them in a calm way that doesn't fuel their anxiety. There are lots of preventative actions you can take to lessen the impact of exams and the associated anxiety, so it is worth learning about it well before exam season begins. This parent workshop has been designed by psychologists and teachers to help offer you the best advice and practical strategies to support your child. 


We expect to run the next 'Anxiety & Exams' workshop in April, including separate workshops for both parents and students.  If you are interested in attending a future workshop (either for you or your child), please click on the button below and we will be in contact nearer the time. Please note - this is always a very popular course, so we offer places on a first come first served basis. 


Understanding the Teenage Brain - Screens, Sleep & Study

The brains of teenagers are rapidly developing and these changes can be highly disruptive, influencing every aspect of their behaviour. It affects what motivates them and who they want to spend time with; it changes the way they make decisions and makes them over-emotional and irrational; and it is what can make them infuriating and impossible to understand as parents! 

One of the greatest challenges of modern parenting is how to navigate the minefield that is mobile phone and technology use. Modern scanning techniques have given us an insight into how the brains of teenagers respond to the effects of screen use. Research has uncovered the impact it has on sleep patterns and mental health, as well as the knock-on effects on the ability of young people to study. 

This workshop firstly talks through what is going on biologically in the brains of teenagers and the way it impacts their behaviour, and then allows parents to discuss issues around technology and phone use, teaching some practical strategies for managing screens at home. If you have a teenager at home, then this is quite simply a parent workshop that you cannot afford to miss. 

6th April via Zoom 8-9.30pm



Supporting your Child's Revision - GCSE & A Level

Some people say that revision is an art, but we think it is a science! There are all sorts of techniques you can use to revise your different subjects, but what worked for you may not work for your child.  This workshop provides some psycho-education to give you an understanding of how our memory works and teaches practical revision strategies that you can support your child to prepare for their GCSE or A Level examinations. We explain the psychology behind each strategy so that you have the knowledge and confidence to support and guide your child and help ensure their revision is efficient and effective. 

2nd April via Zoom 8-930pm


For testimonials from parents who attended the course please click here. 

Other services we offer:


One-to-one tutoring for your child

The Study Skills Academy has directly helped dozens of students improve their learning habits and study strategies through one-to-one tutoring. Tutoring has real impact, allowing us to tailor the support we offer to the individual needs of your child and you will see them make enormous progress in a very short-space of time. 

The tutoring relationship is a special one; we are able to build rapport quickly to form a positive working relationship, yet we are not a parent or a teacher, so are well placed to tell them the things that you can't, or which you try to but they won't listen! Your child may need weekly sessions to help them get organised and keep on top of their studies, or perhaps termly sessions, or even a one-off; whatever you think your child needs, and you know them best. Importantly, we know we are able to help teach them the skills that they need to be an independent, reflective and effective learner. 

Key areas we focus on in our tutoring are: 

  • Organisation & putting structures in place to keep students organised
  • Planning time to meet deadlines
  • Teaching strategies to help students consolidate what they are learning in class
  • The importance of consistent revision and how to prioritise it
  • Memory improvement techniques
  • Essay planning and writing - being a critical thinker
  • How to write effective revision notes 
  • Revision strategies - how to learn and remember
  • How to be a reflective learner 


Tailored support for you the parents

We can offer small-group bespoke workshops for you and your friends, as well as one-to-one support in your own home to help you feel more confident in  your ability to support your child’s learning. At the Study Skills Academy, our unique experience as psychologists, teachers and parents best places us to offer advice and practical solutions to help you support your child so that they can thrive academically and cope with the demands of school and exam pressure.  We can provide support in a number of areas: 

  • Important conversations to have with your child about their school work
  • How to manage their screen-time effectively 
  • Helping your child organise themselves, their study time and their notes
  • How to help your child plan their revision
  • How the brain works - how to help your child maximise their memory
  • Embedding healthy habits - eating, sleeping, exercising, relaxing
  • How to manage stress levels during exam time
  • Understanding specifications/syllabus and how to use these
  • Decoding exam language
  • Understanding the teenage brain
  • How to nurture a growth mindset
  • Supporting an anxious child