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Teacher Training

Three workshops developed to help teachers reduce student stress and anxiety around exams.

The  3 workshops that we have developed for this event are aimed at secondary school staff and will teach you strategies to use in your classroom that will enable students to have a positive approach to exams and reduce the worry.

10-12pm  Teaching revision strategies to reduce stress

This workshop will focus on the importance of creating manageable revision plans; a variety of revision techniques, the psychology behind them, how to teach them and how to ensure they are effective; reflective learning; and finally sleep, screens and self-care.

1-3pm Supporting Student with exam anxiety

This workshop will give an overview of anxiety (the bio-psychology); we will then look at what not to do and finally how to support a student struggling with exam anxiety.  

It is worth noting that students who are having professional support for anxiety often report they don't have the study skills necessary to help reduce anxiety - the first two workshops are therefore designed to be complementary.

3.30-5pm 10 ways to improve classroom wellbeing

We will end the day with a practical workshop looking at how we can use psychological research to improve the wellbeing of everyone in the classroom without adding to your workload.

You can either buy a full day ticket which includes all 3 workshops, lunch and refreshments, or tickets for individual workshops (refreshments will be included but not lunch).

Workshops will run at Aureus School Didcot, on Wednesday 1st May