Study Skills Academy

Useful links - This is an excellent planning and revision website.  It has a free and paid for version.  In the free version you can create flashcards, mindmaps and other revision resources which you can share online with the goconqr community - great for collaborative learning.  In addition there is a great timetabling resource which allows you to map your revision weekly and see how much time you are allocating to each subject.  It is built for the American education system and does sometimes get a bit clunky - especially the ads, but it is probably the best tool currently available. - this is a good app to help create to do lists and prioritise work, homework and revision.  It is a good way to work on collaborative projects and can help with coursework organisation.

TED Talk by Sarah Jayne Blakemore - this 15 minute talk explains everything you need to know about being a teenager, it is an excellent resources for anyone living or working with teenagers as well as teenagers themselves.


Inventing Ourselves: The Secret Life of the Teenage Brain by Sarah Jayne Blakemore - inventing ourselves (2018) - everything you need to know about teenagers and more!

The Optimistic Child: A Revolutionary Approach to Raising Resilient Children

by Martin Seligman (2018) - Seligman shows adults how to teach children the skills of optimism that can help them combat sadness, achieve more on the playing field and at school and improve their physical health.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey (2014) an excellent tool kit for reaching your goals.

Other Resources: - beautifully designed cards that open up conversations with individuals and families about their strengths and allow for powerful conversations.